Halifax is located in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. The city has a population of about 440,000 and is known for its beautiful coastline, lively downtown core, and diverse culture. With so much to offer visitors, it’s no surprise that tourism is one of the critical industries in Halifax. Nova Scotia is a province … Read more

9 Must-See Islands in Canada

Canada is a large country with many beautiful areas, but some islands are more memorable than others. This article will share nine of Canada’s best-known islands that you should check out if you’re traveling to this part of the world; From world-renowned Vancouver Island to stunning Nova Scotia‘s Eastern Shore, these destinations are sure to … Read more

The Largest and the Smallest Canadian Provinces / Territories by Area

The largest Canadian province by area is Nunavut, followed by the Northwest Territories. Yukon is the smallest of the three territories. The largest and smallest provinces are Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. Newfoundland and Labrador are larger than Prince Edward Island but smaller than New Brunswick. Nova Scotia is more extensive than both Prince … Read more

Appalachian Region

With Canada’s vast, diverse nature prairies and forests and its long history of human settlement and cultural change, the Appalachian Region is a fascinating place to explore. However, this region is also home to some of Canada‘s most environmentally-sensitive places and culturally significant sites. Canada’s Appalachian Region is a system that spans the Atlantic Continental … Read more

St. Lawrence Lowlands

The St. Lawrence Lowlands region is a geographical area of the Canadian province of Quebec that sits in a large, flat basin, extending from the Saint-Lawrence River and its estuary near Quebec City in the east to Longueuil and Montreal to the west. The St. Lawrence Lowlands is a region in Canada which are northeast … Read more

Interior Plains

The Interior Plains are a significant natural region in Canada. It surrounds Western Canada and Eastern Canada and is bordered by the Rocky Mountains to the west and the Appalachians to the east. The region known as the Interior Plains extends from the Canadian Shield to the western ranges. It covers over 1.8 million km2 … Read more


The Cordillera is a region, or belt, of the Andes Mountains in South America. The Cordillera includes both Chile and Argentina. This mountainous area extends the length of the western third of North and South America. The mountain system includes parts of Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, and other countries in the Western Hemisphere. This Canadian … Read more

The Arctic and Subarctic Lands of Canada

The Arctic and Subarctic Lands of Canada make up nearly 40% of the country’s total landmass. Despite their vast size, these regions are home to less than 1% of the Canadian population. Most people who live in the Arctic and Subarctic are Indigenous, and many still follow a traditional way of life. This article discusses … Read more