Getting to Toronto

The Toronto Airport is a short drive away from the center of the city. Travelling is always a popular option, but it requires time and planning. If you already live close to the city, there are plenty of effective trains and car routes. The most popular airport in Toronto is just 25km outside of downtown, … Read more

Accommodation in Toronto

As Toronto’s popularity as a destination increases, the variety of accommodation they offer rises. During summer and around popular events like Gay Pride and Caribana, it’s essential to book before making plans. In general, centrally located rooms cost around $150. However, these rates are subject to change as deals are available. Recently, boutique hotels opened, … Read more

Public Holidays in Canada

If you’re looking to plan a trip to Canada this year, be sure to check out our list of public holidays in Canada. This list includes some of the most popular celebrations in Canada, as well as some lesser-known holidays that are worth celebrating. From Victoria Day to Labour Day, there’s something for everyone on … Read more

Personal Security and Health while traveling in Canada

Canada is a safe country for tourists because there is very little crime. For example, in contrast to many US cities, there is minimal street crime in the Canadian city centers. However, this may be because many Canadians live downtown and are never empty at night. Guests should first determine which areas of town are … Read more

Practical information for traveling to Canada

Canada is a popular vacation destination. Canadian facilities are of international standard and include urban sophistication and the outdoors. Foreigners can expect efficient public transportation, excellent tourist information centers, and accommodations and restaurants of high quality. There is a safety and health section and important banking and currency-related questions. Furthermore, there are instructions on using … Read more

Exploring Toronto

Toronto is a large city that offers office blocks, residential streets, and shopping areas in the city’s center. Although it is a large city, residential areas are still outside the center. The downtown core, located in the business district and Chinatown, is bordered on the north by College and Front streets, on the south by … Read more

Exploring Southern and Northern Quebec

From the coast of Newfoundland to the remote wilderness of northern Quebec, this vast area has much to offer. Whether you’re looking for a place to find solitude in nature or where you can enjoy outdoor activities without having to worry about planning and packing, there’s something for everyone here. Read more and explore Southern … Read more

Where to stay in Canada

There are various types of hotels in Canada, such as stately, world-famous hotels and family-run bed and breakfasts in the countryside. Canada’s lodging options range from comfortable and beautiful country inns to convenient motels. You can rent a cottage in a scenic spot, check into an elegant town apartment or stay at many hostels. You … Read more

Exploring Quebec City and the St. Lawrence River

The capital and heart of the French Quebec region, Quebec City, sits on the Cap Diamant cliff overlooking the St. Lawrence river. People have been living in Quebec City since as early as 1000 AD. Quebec’s architecture, ambiance, and history are all European-inspired due to its settlement by settlers from France; it became a UNESCO … Read more